• Feinberg Responds to False Ads

    Feinberg released a statement on Tim Murphy’s 11th-hour false negative ad campaign. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Tim Murphy is either confused about my conservative principles, or he’s purposely lying to his constituents in a desperate attempt to hang on to power. Either way, I have a simple message for Tim: Your Arlen Specter politics – doing and saying anything to get reelected – won’t work.”

    Click here for the release and a fact sheet on the attacks.

    Click here to read Evan’s piece: “Murphy’s Desperation”

  • Evan Unveils Plan

    Turning the Lights Back On

    Slash Spending. Keep Our Promises. Grow the Economy. That’s my plan to restore America to the “Shining City on a Hill” our Founders intended. I call it the Turning the Lights Back On (TLBO) Plan. The TLBO Plan includes $661 billion in spending cuts in the first year of the plan (2013); $9.1 trillion in total spending cuts; balanced budget in just three years (2015); eliminates four agencies and 233 Programs; saves Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security; and scraps the current tax code and replaces it with a pro-growth flat tax.  READ MORE!

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    New TV Ad!

    The Generation that Will Pay

    The Evan Feinberg for Congress Campaign has produced a new television ad: “The Generation that Will Pay.”

    Luke’s share of the government’s debt is over $50,000. That number will double over the next 10 years if we continue to allow career politicians to spend our country into bankruptcy.

    Watch the ad and consider making a contribution today!

  • Meet Evan Feinberg


    Evan Feinberg is a Republican candidate for United States Congress in the 18th District of Pennsylvania.  Evan is a reliable conservative who stands for limited government, pro-growth jobs policies and honest governance.  Watch the video to hear more!

  • Watch Evan’s Recent Interview

    Peters Township Cable TV

    Evan recently appeared on Peters Township Cable Television’s, “Talking Politics in Western PA” with host Bill Merrell.  The program is nearly an hour long and goes into great detail about Evan’s background, experience and policy views.  Give it a watch!

  • Rand Paul Endorsement

    Western PA native and conservative icon U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) announced today his endorsement of Evan Feinberg for Congress.  In a statement, Sen. Paul called Feinberg a “tireless advocate for limited government and individual liberty,” and decried big government, Republican-In-Name-Only Politicians.”

    Read Sen. Paul’s full statement here: Senator Rand Paul Endorses Evan Feinberg for Congress

  • RetireMurphy.com!

    There’s a new website, paid for by the Campaign for Primary Accountability, devoted to exposing Tim Murphy’s voting record and retiring him on April 24.

    RetireMurphy.com is the website. Watch their new TV-ad.

    No wonder the Washington Post ranks Tim Murphy the #1 most vulnerable member this primary season in the entire country!




  • KDKA (CBS) Coverage

    “Tim Murphy is an Arlen Specter Republican,” Feinberg told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano in his first television interview, “and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts to lose the primary that he may even switch parties.”  Read More »

  • RedState Dismantles Murphy

    Erick Erickson, writing to millions of conservative activists, educates his readers on just how liberal Tim Murphy is.  Erickson cites a laundry list of big government, big spending, anti-jobs measures that Tim Murphy has repeatedly supported throughout the years.  Erickson concludes: “His name is Tim Murphy, and he needs to be primaried.”   Read More»

  • Watch Anti-Murphy Ads

    Club for Growth Targets Murphy

    The Club for Growth is up with TV ads in PA-18 excoriating my opponent, Tim Murphy, calling him “Liberal Congressman Tim Murphy,” and asking of his record on wasteful spending and support for anti-job measures like card check, “Why’d he do that?”

    Read More and Watch Both Ads Here


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