Birthday Weekend Moneybomb Email

March 14, 2011

Dear Friends,

Victory is within our sight. We have Tim Murphy on the ropes, and together, we can win on April 24th!

That’s why I am announcing my Birthday Weekend Moneybomb to kick off the last month of our campaign.

Please click here to pledge your support today.

This important online event will start on Friday, March 23, and sets the ambitious goal of raising $24,000 for the weekend. 

That’s what my advisors say it will take for us to make our most aggressive television ad buy as we seal this historic victory.  My birthday is Saturday, March 24, and I’d love to celebrate with you by reaching this important goal.

It won’t be easy, but with your generous support, I know we will meet and exceed our goal.

Our campaign’s momentum continues to be unstoppable. National attention is being focused on our race, thanks to prominent endorsements by Senators Rand Paul and Tom Coburn.

Even Tim Murphy has taken notice — he recently committed to a future debate.

Your support is vital as we get close to Primary Day.

Can I count on you to make your pledge today?

Thank you for your support!

For Freedom,


P.S. As I announce my Birthday Weekend Moneybomb to propel us forward during the final month of my campaign, I would appreciate a pledge of support today and your help spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest of your social networks!