Feinberg Responds to Murphy’s False Negative Attacks

Feinberg to Murphy: “Your Arlen Specter Politics Won’t Work”

Feinberg Responds to Murphy’s Dishonest, Last-Minute and False Negative Campaign

Pittsburgh,PA—Tim Murphy began an 11th-hour negative ad campaign this weekend, sending out multiple false mail pieces and airing false radio attack ads. The advertisements are a strong signal that Murphy’s reelection prospects are dim and getting dimmer.

“Tim Murphy doesn’t appear to have the slightest idea of where I stand on the issues. Maybe that’s because he steadfastly refused to debate me during this campaign or even speak at the same events. Throughout the campaign, Tim has never heard me give a speech, despite my having given hundreds of them,” Evan said.

“Tim Murphy is either confused about my conservative principles, or he’s purposely lying to his constituents in a desperate attempt to hang on to power. Either way, I have a simple message for Tim: Your Arlen Specter politics – doing and saying anything to get reelected – won’t work.”


Murphy’s False Attacks vs. The Facts

False Attack: “Feinberg hasn’t lived, worked, voted, or paid taxes in southwestern PA for 9 years.”

Facts: Feinberg was born and raised in the District and only lived in Washington for 5 years, half the time Murphy has been there.

Evan pays taxes on the home he owns in Upper St. Clair (and Like so many Pennsylvanians, Evan is thoroughly disgusted with them). Feinberg has lived in Pennsylvania almost his entire life and even voted for Tim Murphy when there was no conservative alternative on the ballot.

Feinberg moved from Peters Township to Washington, DC in June of 2006 and moved back home in September of 2011, purchasing his home in November of 2011. 2011 minus 2006 equals five, not nine. Perhaps simple mathematics is part of Murphy’s budget problems. Perhaps Murphy was counting the four years Evan attended college at Grove City College, an hour north of the district, in which Feinberg of course maintained his residence and voter registration in Peters Township.

False Attack: “Feinberg promises to close the 911th Airwing”

Facts: Feinberg has repeatedly and strenuously said the 911th should be saved.

In addition to advocating for the 911th, Feinberg has blasted Murphy for voting for the Obama debt deal that gave the President the authority to close the base. Feinberg has also castigated Murphy for failing to prioritize spending during his time in office and supporting spending cuts that would have prevented the budget crisis which has put the base at risk.

False Attack: “Feinberg promises to shutdown Pittsburgh’s Veterans Hospital.”

Facts: Feinberg has never once suggested we shut down a single VA hospital.

In addition to being married to a veteran, Feinberg has expressed his complete commitment to taking care of those who have served our country. Feinberg has advocated providing additional health care benefits to veterans, including private options on top of the existing VA benefits to ensure Veterans get the best health care in the entire country.

False Attack: “Feinberg supports a $2.4 trillion debt limit increase.”

Facts: Feinberg was appalled when Tim Murphy voted to increase the national debt by $2.4 trillion and has said we shouldn’t raise it a penny.

Feinberg has proposed real solutions to balance the budget and reduce our national debt by trillions of dollars. Feinberg has never once advocated raising the debt limit by a single penny. Murphy has supported four debt limit increases totaling $5 trillion.

False Attack: “Feinberg promises to add a 17% federal sales tax.”

Facts: Feinberg’s tax plan is a 17 percent flat tax on income that replaces the current tax code.

If Murphy read Feinberg’s budget and economic plan and had an understanding of tax policy, he would have realized that Evan suggested eliminating all federal taxes except for a single, flat tax rate on income of 17 percent for individuals and businesses. No federal sales tax. The policy paper is available at evanfeinberg.com.

False Attack: “Feinberg stood beside liberal attack group targeting Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity and other Republicans.”

Facts: Murphy’s corruption is a key reason voters should replace him on Tuesday and it has been highlighted by independent watchdog groups and local Pittsburgh media.

Murphy’s corruption has been pointed out by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (the group in question), the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, and KDKA TV-News.

Feinberg used a citation in campaign literature for The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), an independent watchdog group that some believe is a liberal attack group, despite going after many Liberal Democrats like Charlie Rangel. Regardless, CREW lists Murphy as one of the most corrupt members of Congress based on information provided by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and KDKA TV-News.

Murphy has been accused by six former staffers of requiring them to perform campaign activity on official time and using official resources, the same charges for which Bill DeWeese and Jane Orie are facing jail time.


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