The Evan Feinberg for Congress Campaign has widespread and broad support, both locally and nationally.  Current endorsements include U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, premier national conservative organizations FreedomWorks and the Madison Majority Project, and the Associated Builders and Contractors comprised of influential local job creators.  Check back often for more endorsements!

“A decade of this nonsense is enough. Republicans have a golden opportunity in the April 24 primary to nominate a man who fully understands that sound economics is sound economics and benefits all socioeconomic classes.

“That man is Evan Feinberg.

“Mr. Feinberg cut his policy teeth at The Heritage Foundation. He later served as an aide to U.S. Sens. Tom Coburn and Rand Paul, two fellas who know a thing or two about sound economics.”

“I am proud to endorse Evan Feinberg for Congress. He is a tireless advocate for limited government and individual liberty. During his time in my office, I learned from personal experience that Evan has the skills, experience and philosophy necessary to help fix what’s wrong with our country.

“I was born in Western Pennsylvania and still have family in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I am convinced the people of Western Pennsylvania want a constitutional conservative and, when given the choice, will reject a career politician. Electing career politicians has been a primary reason for increased bureaucracy, entitlement expansions, bailouts of private industries and the promotion of job-killing power grabs like ‘card check.’

“The people of Pennsylvania still feel the sting of Arlen Specter’s politics, the type of Big-Government, Republican-In-Name-Only politicians that have led our country to the precipice of fiscal ruin. They ran up our debt. They grew an out-of-control federal government. They took more and more of our liberty.

“The only way to get our fiscal house in order and restore the American Dream is to replace self-interested politicians with candidates who will fight for principle and will put the next generation before the next election.”

Sen. Coburn is a national conservative leader, known in Washington, D.C. for his commitment to fiscal responsibility and rooting out wasteful and unnecessary spending. In his endorsement, Dr. Coburn was effusive in his praise of his former staffer and had harsh words for the incumbent, Tim Murphy:

“I strongly support Evan Feinberg for the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District,” Dr. Coburn said. “Evan is the fresh face the conservative movement needs to broaden its appeal. He possesses the vigor and determination necessary to wage the war against entrenched special interests in Washington.”

Dr. Coburn labeled Tim Murphy an “Arlen Specter Republican,” referring to his penchant for prioritizing his career above the country and the interests of his constituents. “Fixing the problems facing our country starts with replacing the career politicians who are part of the problem.”

“FreedomWorks PAC officially endorsed Evan Feinberg for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 18th district, the clear choice for limited government voters looking to rein in Washington’s size and spending.

“Through personal meetings with Evan Feinberg, a detailed look at the record of incumbent Tim Murphy, and most importantly, input from our members and allies in the district, FreedomWorks PAC is confident Evan Feinberg is the best candidate for those who want to protect the Constitution and who want a Representative who will fight on behalf of taxpayers against runaway government spending.

“’Our members and allies in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district have been strongly encouraging us to get involved in this race to help them elect Evan Feinberg to Congress.  They have been emailing and calling, asking for our help.  It’s clear they are willing to do the hard work that will be necessary to win.  Today, we are happy to say we are with them—we’re in.  In Evan Feinberg we have a serious, thoughtful candidate with a deep commitment to fiscal responsibility, something the incumbent Tim Murphy’s record clearly shows he lacks,’ said Max Pappas, Executive Director of FreedomWorks PAC.”

The Board of Directors for the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Western Pennsylvania unanimously decided to endorse Evan Feinberg for Congress. ABC is a national federation representing 2 million employees, including 74 chapters totaling 23,000 contractors and construction-related firms.

Keith Impink, ABC of Western PA’s Chairman and Owner of Westmoreland Electric, explained the group’s endorsement:

“Evan Feinberg is the pro-worker, pro-jobs candidate in PA-18. The incumbent, Tim Murphy, supports job-killing measures that damage our local economy and endanger the livelihood of the 2 million ABC employees nationwide. Our members are proud to support the candidate that stands with Western PA job creators.”

The Madison Project PAC announced that they have endorsed Evan Feinberg against liberal Republican Congressman Tim Murphy in the upcoming 2012 Republican primary.

Describing Feinberg as a “comprehensive conservative” and Tim Murphy as a “multi-term RINO [Republican in Name Only] who has voted for every government expansion program while he’s been in office,” the Madison Project enthusiastically endorsed Evan’s candidacy.

“Entrenched career politicians don’t have the courage to act when it comes to our debt crisis and entitlement reform. Evan Feinberg will bring a sense of urgency to Washington because he understands our nation is at a tipping point,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “America is saddled with an ever-growing $15 trillion national debt and Evan Feinberg wants to tackle these critical issues before America becomes the next Greece – not after.

“I look forward to working with Evan Feinberg in reducing the size and scope of our government, so entrepreneurs will once again be inspired to take risks and rebuild our economy without fear of oppressive overregulation. I urge all Republican Primary voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District to support Evan Feinberg, the true conservative candidate, on April 24.”

The RLC lauded Mr. Feinberg as an “outstanding candidate who represents the principles of limited government and individual liberty.”

“Evan Feinberg represents the new direction of American politics, with personal integrity, a dedication to the best interests of the people and a firm belief in constitutionally limited government,” said RLC Chairman Dave Nalle. “He is exactly the kind of representative we need to send to DC to put our government back on track.”

RLC National Secretary Corie Whalen added, “”He has made a bold decision by challenging big spending Republican Congressman Tim Murphy, in Pennsylvania’s April 24th primary. Just this past year, Murphy voted against a balanced budget amendment, against defunding the National Labor Relations Board, and against rolling appropriations back to a 2006 level. Feinberg brings a welcome contrast, and western Pennsylvania voters have a chance to make a big difference by replacing Murphy on April 24th.”

  • Peter Schiff
“I am confident that Evan Feinberg will be a strong fiscal conservative and an even stronger defender of individual liberty.”