Jobs and the Economy

Our country has been home to the most prolific economy in history. Unfortunately, government intrusion threatens not just our economic prosperity and future job growth, but the future of free enterprise itself.

Over the last decade, there has been a bipartisan consensus in Washington, DC to spend more money we do not have on things that do not work.  Tim Murphy has aided and abetted the most massive growth in the size and scope of the government our nation has ever seen.

The recent $2.4 trillion debt limit increase is a great example of Murphy’s style of legislating.  It was a great deal for politicians but not for the American people.  Murphy put his faith in a super committee and a measly $7 billion in actual cuts in 2012.  The result?  The American people can expect to add between $7 trillion and $8 trillion in new debt over the next 10 years.   Simply put: Murphy is supportive of efforts to conscript our country to bankruptcy.

It’s no surprise that this economic uncertainty has created a terrible jobs situation.  Unemployment remains over 9 percent.  Those with jobs are seeing stagnant wages.  All the while, Rep. Murphy continues to vote for anti-worker measures to eliminate the secret ballot (“card check”) and force union labor for government contracts.

I have a better idea: let’s unleash the ingenuity of the American people to create jobs.  Let’s lower the cost of producing and make it more advantageous to innovate.  We need flatter, simpler, and lower tax rates.   We need to free American entrepreneurs from the shackles of government regulations and mandates.

The reality is that the federal government doesn’t have a revenue problem… it has a spending problem.  But the spending problem is just a symptom of the underlying disease: the unsustainable size of government.

Another crucial aspect of our economy is sound currency.  A strong dollar is vital to our economic prosperity.   Look no further than the quickly rising prices of gas and food.  As the value of the dollar goes down, the prices of commodities go up.

As the Federal Reserve prints more money and devalues our currency it steals wealth from American citizens and weakens our economy.  I support a full audit of the Federal Reserve and the introduction of competing currencies — gold and silver — to hold the dollar accountable.  A gold standard is in the long-term interests of our country and allowing gold and silver to be used as legal tender is an excellent intermediate step to tethering the dollar.

By focusing on less spending, lower taxes, less regulation, reducing intrusions into the labor market and maintaining sound currency, we can unleash the American people to continue being the most productive workforce in the world.